OSE's LED video wall showcases a high-resolution fire totem

Fire & Ice Ottawa 2023

Fire & Ice Ottawa 2023

OSE's LED video wall showcases a high-resolution fire totem

That’s a wrap! The Ottawa Fire & Ice Festival has concluded for 2023, and OSE was proud to once again make cool winter magic happen with our partners at the Bank Street BIA

We used our suite of customized event design services to transform Bank Street into a glowing winter wonderland featuring multiple custom light and sound art installations, vibrant stage projections, and an LED video wall with an AI-driven interactivity. One of our most high-tech productions yet, the event brimmed over with incredible effects and immersive experiences that extended all the way through downtown Bank Street.


Custom light and sound design for immersive container installations

Our locally-based team of Ottawa event specialists designed, installed and managed 10 customized art installations, each in their own container and featuring customized light and sound activations that tell the story of Canada’s beautiful winters:

  • The Flickering Sun
  • The Harmony of Swings
  • The Northern Whirlwind
  • The Ring of Fire
  • The Cryosphere
  • The Reflections
  • The Glacier Valley 
  • The Stars of the North
  • The Ice Cube
  • The Frozen Gateway
  • The Château de Glace


collage of 3 images - fire totem made of red lights, an interior shot of a the made ice cave and a snowy shot of a tunnel made of blue lights


AI-driven interactive LED video wall

We also used our LED video wall, which is Ottawa’s highest-resolution indoor/outdoor LED display, to design a one-of-kind interactive experience that included AI integration. 

Using video wall panels, we created a 12’x12’ 360-degree cube with interactive reflections of each person inside the cube. Digital motion graphics technology captured the users’ features and transformed them into a digital version of themselves, and accompanying sound effects made the entire experience completely immersive.


blue cave container looking out to video wall


3D Video wall with a lava like floor

You can learn more about the LED wall, our custom design solutions, and video wall rental options here.


Stage projection design

Fire & Ice featured a line-up of incredible local performers, and we incorporated projection mapping in our stage designs to take each performance to the next level.

We started by using our SL50 stage to build a holographic castle around the performance area. When the stage was built, we mapped the entire structure and designed videos that could be projected onto it.


OSE's stage projection design floods the Fire & Ice performance stage with a blue ice-like theme


Turning sound, light, and video into an unforgettable experience

This year’s Fire & Ice Festival showed off how beautiful and memorable it can be when we combine innovative technology, creative vision, and human connection. It’s what creating truly special events is all about, and it was an honour to create that experience locally for the city we live in and love. We can’t wait to do it again… and we’d love to do it for you too! 

If this recap has sparked ideas for your own event, or if you need our team of event alchemists to help you design a technology-driven, interactive live experience for your own brand and audience, reach out today. We can’t wait to get started!


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